Deer Fencing

Protect your Mid-Atlantic Region property from destructive deer activity with our reliable and effective deer fencing solutions.

Deer Fence - Mid-Atlantic Region

Mid-Atlantic Region Deer Fencing

Our deer fences are designed to keep deer out, preventing them from damaging your plants and crops. Safeguard your Mid-Atlantic Region property with our durable and long-lasting deer fencing options.

Deer fencing is an effective solution to protect your property, garden, and crops from the damage caused by deer. These animals can wreak havoc on your farm, vineyard, or any other landscape you wish to maintain, devouring plants and leaving a trail of destruction behind. With our deer fencing, you can create a secure barrier that keeps deer out, ensuring the safety and health of your plants.

Our Mid-Atlantic Region deer fences are typically 8 feet tall and made from durable materials that can withstand the pressure and attempts of deer to breach them. They are designed to be tall enough to deter deer from jumping over and sturdy enough to resist their attempts to push through. Invest in deer fencing to preserve the beauty and productivity of your agricultural property.

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Deer Fencing Popular Styles

Each type of deer fence has its own unique features and benefits, so it's important to choose the one that best suits your specific needs and property requirements.

Woven Wire Deer Fencing - Mid-Atlantic Region

Mid-Atlantic Region Woven Wire Deer Fence

This type of deer fence is constructed with tightly woven metal mesh, usually made of galvanized steel. It provides excellent durability and strength, effectively keeping deer out of your property. The small openings in the mesh prevent deer from squeezing through or damaging the fence.

Electric Deer Fencing - Mid-Atlantic Region

Mid-Atlantic Region Electric Deer Fencing

Electric fences deliver a mild electric shock to deter deer from entering your property. These fences consist of wires or strands that emit an electric pulse when touched, training deer to stay away. Electric deer fences are highly effective, low maintenance, and provide a humane way to protect your property.

Invisible Deer Fencing - Mid-Atlantic Region

Mid-Atlantic Region High-Tensile Deer Fencing

Virtually invisible from a distance, high-tensile deer fence blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape while still providing an effective barrier against deer. This type of deer fence is a popular choice for properties where aesthetics are important.

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A deer fence is a type of barrier designed to keep deer and other wildlife out of specific areas. It is commonly used to protect crops, gardens, orchards, and landscapes in the Mid-Atlantic Region region from deer browsing and damage.

The height of a deer fence is a crucial factor in its effectiveness. For most deer species, a fence height of 7 to 8 feet is recommended to prevent them from jumping over it. However, in areas with larger deer populations or high deer pressure, taller fences may be necessary. At Blue Ridge Fence, we utilize 8 foot tall woven wire to deter the white-tailed deer that are common across the Mid-Atlantic Region region.

Yes, while deer fences are primarily designed to deter deer, they can also help keep out other wildlife, such as rabbits, groundhogs, and raccoons, that may cause damage to crops and gardens.

Deer fences are typically made from durable materials such as metal, polypropylene, or high-tensile wire. Some deer fences also use mesh netting or polyethylene materials. We find that woven wire fences are the most efficient at doing the job of keeping deer away in the Mid-Atlantic Region region.

To enhance the effectiveness of a deer fence, some additional features can be added. These may include angled outriggers or flanges that lean outward from the fence to prevent deer from attempting to jump over it.

Remember, the specific requirements for a deer fence may vary based on the local deer population, the level of deer pressure, and the type of plants or crops being protected. Consulting with Blue Ridge Fence can help determine the most suitable deer fence design for a particular property.

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