If you are a property owner in the Mid-Atlantic region and you need an agricultural fence installed, you are in luck! Blue Ridge Fence is one of Maryland’s top-rated farm fence companies, serving Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland. We’re a local fence company that has earned our outstanding reputation one fence at a time with your friends and neighbors.


Let’s take a closer look at why Blue Ridge Fence can be the right choice for your next farm fencing project in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Mid-Atlantic Region Fence Company: Choosing Local

Of course, you want to support local businesses whenever you can – we get it because we do, too! Besides the ways it boosts our local economy, there are also added benefits for yourself when you choose to work with a local Mid-Atlantic region company that recognizes the pride and interests of the agricultural community in our area.


All of us at Blue Ridge Fence are invested in the agricultural industry of the Mid-Atlantic region and the surrounding areas, understanding the needs and unique aspects of our area that make us who we are. Because we are ideally situated centrally in Maryland and have built our trusted service in the Mid-Atlantic region for over 19 years, we are the perfect company to help you with your property’s fencing needs right here.

Finding A Top-Rated Farm Fence Company in the Mid-Atlantic Area

It goes without saying that you want to work with a top-rated fence company in your area of the Mid-Atlantic region. After all, you deserve the best-quality fence you can afford and you want it installed by experts in the farm fencing industry.  


What makes a company top-rated? Here are a few important factors that describe the best fence companies around:


  • Reliability from a Fencing Contractor
    Too often, we hear from Mid-Atlantic region property owners who chose low-bid fence companies only to discover why their costs were so low: either the contractor’s installation job was poor, the materials were of terrible quality, or, in the worst situations, the contractor disappeared after taking their payment. Always make sure the first step in hiring a fence company is to pick one that is trustworthy and skilled by checking out customer reviews, talking to your friends and neighbors who know, and speaking directly with the company you’re considering. 
  • Using Quality Fencing Materials
    Even if you have a skilled fence company installing your project, it’s important to know that they are using high-quality materials for your fence. At Blue Ridge Fence, across the region, we take pride in our work and that includes using the best materials for the job. Our metal and wire fence materials come with manufacturer warranties that give you peace of mind. When your fence is completed, you’ll see the difference! Our fences won’t bend, twist, bow, droop, or have any other issues that a poorly made fence will have. 
  • Support from Farm Fence Experts
    Choosing a fence contractor specializing in agricultural fencing is crucial for several reasons. Agricultural fencing requires unique expertise and knowledge of livestock behavior, farm terrain, and specific Mid-Atlantic region fencing needs. A specialized farm fence contractor like Blue Ridge Fence understands these intricacies, ensuring the right materials, fence height, and design for effective animal containment and crop protection. Our experience leads to precise installations, maximizing durability and longevity. 


We can safely say that the professionals at Blue Ridge Fence fit the bill! For the best outcome and product, we will help you find the highest quality fence for the most affordable price and have it installed by our expert fencing team. 

We Install All Types of Farm Fences in the Mid-Atlantic Region

We install all types of agricultural fences in the Mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey. When you’re looking for agricultural fencing, equestrian fencing, deer fencing, and more, you can be sure that we handle it all! Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so check out what we offer and compare it to your needs and preferences to decide which type works best for you!


  • Wood Board Fences Options
    Board fences are a popular choice for farm fencing material in the Mid-Atlantic region. With their versatility and natural appearance, wood board fences are a great solution for farm fencing needs. Check out our wood board fence page on our website for full details about why wood fencing may be a great choice for your next fence. 
  • Woven Wire and No Climb Fences
    Woven wire and no-climb fences are highly versatile and durable options for agricultural fencing in the Mid-Atlantic Region. With their tight mesh patterns and sturdy construction, these fences offer excellent containment for livestock, horses, and other farm animals. Take a look at the many solutions a woven wire fence can provide for your agricultural property. 
  • High Tensile Fences
    High-tensile fence is a popular and durable fencing option widely used in agricultural settings. High tensile fences offer numerous advantages, including strength, flexibility, and longevity. They can withstand extreme weather conditions, impacts from animals, and will resist sagging over time. Due to their design, high-tensile fences require fewer posts, reducing installation costs and maintenance efforts. Learn more about high-tensile fencing including electric options to protect your property. 
  • Trellising
    Our expertly crafted trellises provide essential structural support, improve airflow and sunlight exposure, and optimize fruit yield and quality. With our durable and long-lasting trellising systems, you can efficiently manage your crops, enhance disease control, and create a visually appealing and organized farm environment. Take a look at our trellis installation options and how they can improve your farm. 

Ready to Work With the Best Mid-Atlantic Region Fence Company?

The farm fence experts at Blue Ridge Fence would love to have the opportunity to show you first-hand why we are one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s highest-rated fence companies. Call us at (301) 733-1010 or contact us online. As always, No risk. No obligation. No hard sales tactics…just friendly service!