The deer population in Maryland isn’t just a threat to your gardens and landscaping, but they can also carry ticks and pests onto your property, causing trouble for your family and your pets. That’s where Hagerstown, Maryland fence contractor Blue Ridge Fence comes in! As a trusted fence company, we specialize in installing strong, durable Maryland deer fencing across Hagerstown and the surrounding area. Discover how our team of experts can ensure your fence keeps deer out and safeguards your property.

Understanding Deer Fencing

Maryland deer fences may sound like any other type of fence. However, many of the typical fences, especially on residential properties or ranches, aren’t built to withstand large animals jumping or running directly into them! A deer fence must be able to withstand and deter deer from running and attempting to jump over the fence when they are spooked or trying to find food. A determined deer is strong, and a tall, sturdy deer fence is essential to keep them from trampling through your property. 

The Most Important Thing to Consider for Your Maryland Deer Fence 

Hagerstown, Maryland fence contractor Blue Ridge Fence has all the information and expertise you need to choose the perfect deer fence for your property. Let’s explore the features, benefits, and things you must consider.


Research by the USDA suggests that some species of deer can jump over fences that are 7’ tall! In our experience as a Hagerstown, Maryland fence contractor specializing in deer fencing, we install deer fences that are between 6-8’ tall. 


A taller fence will be more effective if you live in an area with a large deer population or have a species known for leaping over tall fences, like whitetail deer. Additionally, 6-foot fences are a strong deterrent, and deer that are searching for food are much more likely to look elsewhere rather than try to leap over a fence that is that high. 


Deer fencing is not a one-size-fits-all solution! In most cases, deer fences are made from durable materials such as metal or high-tensile wire, but wire mesh netting or electric fencing may also occasionally be used. More often than not, we find that woven wire fences are the most efficient at keeping deer away. 


Durable deer fences need to withstand sudden impacts. Sometimes, deer may not see a fence in their path or fail to clear its height when jumping. Quality fencing materials prevent gaps from forming upon impact, stopping deer from squeezing through. Moreover, strong materials deter deer from attempting to climb under the fence.


As noted earlier, deer fences must withstand the force of running or jumping deer, especially when enclosing large areas such as agricultural properties in Hagerstown and the surrounding region. Any weak spots compromise the effectiveness of the entire fence, allowing deer to find weaknesses. 


For expert installation of high-quality deer fences across extensive properties, rely on Hagerstown, Maryland fence contractor Blue Ridge Fence. We are equipped with specialized tools and experienced installers to guarantee you experience a hassle-free installation process.


Maintaining your deer fence is vital for effectively safeguarding your residential or agricultural property from deer intrusion. Begin by clearing debris along the fence line and trimming overhanging tree branches. 


Regularly inspect the fence for any signs of damage, rust, or weakening. Depending on the materials and extent of damage, repairs may range from minor fixes to the need for professional help. Regular upkeep and early problem detection help prevent issues from escalating into costly repairs.

Styles of Deer Fencing in Maryland

Woven Wire Fencing in Hagerstown, MD

Woven wire fencing protects agricultural properties, gardens, and landscapes. With its tightly woven design, this type of fencing effectively prevents deer from breaching boundaries while allowing visibility. Its durability and versatility make it an ideal choice for safeguarding valuable crops and landscaping against deer damage.

Electric Fencing in Maryland

Electric deer fencing provides an effective deterrent against deer intrusion, delivering a harmless yet startling shock upon contact. This humane method safeguards gardens and agricultural lands from wandering deer. Easily installed and low-maintenance, electric deer fencing offers a cost-effective solution for protecting valuable crops and ornamental plants in areas prone to deer activity. 

High Tensile Fence for Hagerstown Properties

In Hagerstown and the surrounding Maryland region, high tensile fencing is occasionally installed to deter deer from leaping into yards. Unlike woven wire fencing that reaches the ground, high-tensile fencing may permit deer to pass underneath or through due to its design.

Work With a Top-Rated Hagerstown, Maryland Fence Contractor for Your New Deer Fence

When you need a Maryland deer fence, look no further than the experts at Blue Ridge Fence. We are proud to offer exceptional work and quality customer service. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is ready to create a beautiful deer fence for your agricultural or residential property. To get started on your next deer fence project, call us at (301) 733-1010 or contact us online. Let our fence experts show you why Blue Ridge Fence is the most qualified company to install your Maryland deer fencing.